• We install solar systems, build power lines and do electrical construction work.

Our Services

Solar Rooftop & Ground PV Systems

Installations of solar panels & Equipment. We specialize in Embedded Generation systems.

We install rooftop and ground mount PV systems, AC and DC wiring and Maintanance.

Design and installation of residential solar and backup systems.

Hiring of Equipment

We hire crane trucks and compressors.

Electrical & Maintenance Work

We specialize in maintenance work on existing electrical networks, which include upgrading of power lines, transformers and all hardware on power lines.

We also replace rotten poles on old lines and do repairs on any damage caused by nature, like replacement of transformers, poles damaged by lightning or wind storms.

Industrial Electrical

Include all electrical wiring to industrial buildings and maintenance.

MV & LV Overhead Power Lines

Minor capital projects are where we do an extension of an existing network. Building of New MV, LV Power lines and Cable installations. This include major capital projects, like building new substations and new power lines.

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